Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Today on Market Street / Sign-up site

I ALWAYS THINK that IT, the Big One, the Revolution, has finally
started, but so far it hasn’t. This time, however, this time the genie
just may have slipped the bottle.

At noon today, I joined the largest and happiest lunchtime crowd to
ever meet in front of the Federal Reserve Building in San Francisco.
That this “Occupy” tent city thing ( is happening at all,
seems like some sort of crazy miracle. If I’d predicted three weeks
ago that something like this was about to bust loose, I’d have laughed
at me, too.

Eight hundred of us (I counted very carefully -- twice) marched around
downtown for a couple of hours -- the most fun I’ve had in a crowd
since the Giants won the World Series. The media has finally found
it’s way to this story, so I’ll let you google and read about it
elsewhere. But honestly, if you get a chance to stop by the Fed -- 101
Market St, SF -- to at least get a taste of what’s going on, I think
you’ll be glad you did. And if you get a chance to join an upcoming
march or another action, well, you may come away exhilarated, as I


By Thursday (or Friday) I hope to have the signup site for the
2,000-person Human Banner (TAX THE RICH!) at Ocean Beach, Oct 29, up
and running. Stay tuned. I’m pretty confident that this one is going
to be fun. And big. Or not.

Onward, to the new world...

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